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1.) Post your current top ten albums (including their respective artist) along with a few thing you like to do in your spare time. Also give a few reasons why you should be chosen as one of the select few individuals that are worthy of our time.

2.) Being nice due to association or friendship is not allowed here. Do not invite your friends that have shitty taste simply because he/she is a "funny dude."

3.) If any of the following artists are in your top ten list you will automatically be disqualified and heckled uncontrollably:

* Sublime
* Nirvana
* Live
* Christina Aguilera
* Show Tunes
* Jay-Z
* Ludacris
* The Strokes

4.) Much like the other communities similar in nature, you are not allowed to comment on any entry other than your application. If you break this rule you will be banned and subsequently destroyed.

5.) If you respond in an excessive way to any negative criticism you recieve (i.e. commenting on that persons journal, IMing them, or in general creating any bullshit LJ drama) your application will be automatically rejected, banned, and flogged by limp cauliflower.

6.) If you apply and are rejected you may not apply again until exactly 30 days have passed. If you apply before that time has passed your post will be deleted.

7.) Winning a majority of the votes equals membership.

8.) You are encouraged to defend your musical tastes whenever necessary, however defending them with "tub girl" or "goatse.cx" means automatic disqualification.