shugma (shugma) wrote in elitist_cunts,

The Hugh's 10 favourites, in as best an order as he can manage (none whatsoever, really)

1) Gallery of Mites - Exploded View
2) Midnight Oil - Stars of Warburton
3) Cathedral - Halo of Fire
4) Kettel - Ronnie Rocks The Plants
5) Probot feat. Wino - The Emerald Law
6) Electric Wizard - Funeralopolis
7) One Mile North - Evil Architecture
8) Spiritual Beggars - Monster Astronauts
9) Lee Perry & Upsetters - Lover's Skank
10) The Obsessed - Concrete Cancer

Am I an Elitist Cunt? Hell yes! If life has taught me anything, its that people who don't judge the musical tastes of others live hollow, spiritually empty lives.
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