thedayhaddied (thedayhaddied) wrote in elitist_cunts,

Carl Stalling - Marching Pink Elephants

This is what my current Top 10 looks like:

1) Sunn O))) - The GrimmRobe Demos
2) No Neck Blues Band - Letters from the Serth
3) The Last Poets - s/t
4) Isolrubin BK - Crash Injury Trauma
5) David Lynch - Eraserhead O.S.T.
6) Bohren & Der Club of Gore - Sunset Mission
7) V.A. - Between Or Beyond the Iron Curtain: Rare Grooves from Eastern Europe 1967 - 1978
8) Flower Travellin' Band - s/t
9) Merzbow - Material Action for 2 Microphones
10) Ghana Funeral Field Recording - Drums of Death(African Voodoo Funeral), tied with: Growing - The Sky's Run Into the Sea

As for my spare time, I like working on my screenplay, writing poetry and doing research on more unknown serial killers, heh.

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